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Colleagues References

Evangeline Alva

Associate Manager at The Search Agency

“Bradley has an immense depth of knowledge related to online marketing- specifically search engine optimization. He has been a valuable mentor in understanding how to better market businesses online organically and is very passionate about his field. An incredibly detailed researcher and strategist, articulate in communication both internally and with external clients, Bradley is equipped with superior managerial and personable skills.”

Christina Elghazi

Senior Manager at The Search Agency

“As a subject matter expert on a handful of Bradley’s accounts, I got to work with him closely during his time at The Search Agency. Bradley is incredibly smart, which becomes immediately apparent during conversations about the latest SEO trends and algo updates. As a coworker, he is kind, helpful and a joy to work with. I would absolutely recommend hiring Bradley before someone beats you to it!”

Luke Hubbard

SVP at The Search Agency

“Bradley knows Search Engine Optimization extremely well and would be a strong addition to a team looking for this area of expertise. He is dedicated and has a friendly spirit in the office. I enjoyed working with Bradley and recommend him for a role in SEO.”

Nasim Jafarzadeh

SEO Manager at SEO Pioneers Inc.

“Bradley is a hard working individual and caring colleague. His extensive SEO knowledge and technical background coupled with years of experience managing super large websites enable him to handle any project from A to Z regardless of its complexity and size. As his manager, I was confident that he can analyze, manage and lead any size project. With his competence and dedication, Bradley will be a valuable asset to any company.”

Justin Moreau

Client Liaison/Project Manager at Bruce Clay, Inc.
"Bradley is extremely intelligent and insightful. He enjoys the task of a deep-dive into a complex project and shies away from no challenge. There is no web optimization project or SEO challenge that Bradley can't tackle. Best of all, he keeps a great attitude in the workplace while striving for betterment for the whole team."

Matthew Young

SEO Consultant at Adobe Systems Inc
"I worked with Bradley very early on in my career at Bruce Clay Inc, and he challenged me to be not just a coworker but a colleague. He instilled in me a thirst for knowledge in the SEO industry and to be the best consultant I could be. Bradley is tenacious in his pursuit of SEO and digital marketing expertise, and he would make a fine addition to any team."

Luke Bowen

"I have known and worked in various capacities with Bradley for 4 years. I know him to be passionate, experienced and dedicated to the field of digital search marketing. I know the time, insights and rigorous analysis he has applied to projects, big and small, and can assure anyone he has a record of improving traffic and moving projects forward in ways that have helped advance client initiatives. He would be a useful asset to consider for whatever technical SEO or digital marketing position you have in mind. "

David Hughes

CEO at The Search Agency
"Brad provided good, consistent work to his clients in a professional manner. He was organized and prepared for meetings and was able to provide insight, strategy, analysis, and recommendations from his work. He worked collaboratively with his colleagues and led client meetings successfully."

Jeff Pickett

Global Director at Resolution Media
"Bradley has an exceptional knowledge of technical SEO. He would be a huge asset to any organization looking to improve the organic search rankings and expand the online presence of their website."

Kyle Sherwood

Global Director at Resolution Media
"Bradley is a hardworking and proactive individual. He is extremely organized and is always looking for new ways to add efficiency to his daily processes. Additionally, he inspires others around him to do the same by sharing his learnings. It was a pleasure working with Bradley both at Wpromote and The Search Agency."

James O'Donnell

Senior Manager at The Search Agency
"As an account manager at The Search Agency, Bradley demonstrated his deep knowledge of in the field of search engine optimization and put this knowledge to use in strategic ways to benefit his clients. He clearly cared a great deal about his clients' success, and was also a great coworker, willing to lend a hand and contribute wherever he could."

Greg Biggerstaff

Senior Manager, Paid Search at The Search Agency
"Bradley showed a deep knowledge and skill around earned media, and was able to consistently apply it successfully on every deliverable for one of our agency's biggest clients. He also possesses a calming and patient demeanor, which the clients loved when it came to present."

John Alexander

Project Manager at Social Spice Media
"Bradley is immensely intelligent but also remarkably collaborative. I had the great pleasure of working alongside him doing SEO analysis and strategy at Bruce Clay, Inc. and I learned a tremendous amount from him. Even after he left that company, we would still meet up for coffee, and I've never stopped learning from him. Bradley is knowledgeable about SEO, web development, and web marketing; but he is also tirelessly curious, and so is always on the lookout for ways to make processes more efficient and more effective. This meant that, while many in our industry were caught up with some new trend, Bradley had not only investigated the trend, but was also asking about deeper implications, and learning to think a step ahead of the competitors. He is also adept at understanding hierarchies and web architecture at a very deep level; this made him invaluable when helping to reorganize, design, or otherwise improve large, complex web properties to design a flow that was both intuitive and flexible. I have tremendous respect and admiration for Bradley. Please feel free to reach back out to me if there are any other questions I can answer."

Sacha Moufarrege

Manager, Earned Media at The Search Agency
"Bradley was the Account Manager for several of my clients at The Search Agency. He was always very personable and friendly, and quite frankly was one of my favorite people with which to work. His professional expertise led to some major successes on some of our top clients."

Marcy Stelle

Sr. Director | Marketing at Wpromote
"In the simplest description, Bradley is brilliant. His knowledge and approach to SEO transformed Wpromote's approach to organic optimization. He has a beautiful mind and is an unbelievable resource when it comes to technical SEO and optimization practices. I had the pleasure of working with him and assembling numerous client reports which showcased his work and ability to take clients' websites to new heights."

Mary Hayes

Content Manager at The Search Agency
"I worked side-by-side with Bradley on several SEO accounts at The Search Agency. As an Account Manager, Bradley demonstrated excellent communication skills and a real passion for SEO. He is extremely knowledgeable and shares his knowledge freely with his colleagues. I would definitely recommend him to any company that's seeking a dedicated and sharp SEO professional."

Daniel Dell-Cornejo

Associate Manager, Earned Media at The Search Agency, Inc.
"While Bradley was employed as an account manager at The Search Agency, I worked with him closely on many SEO projects for a handful of clients. Mainly, he would communicate client needs and assign tasks and deliverables for me, as an SEO content specialist, to complete. Over the year and a half we spent together, I was lucky to get to know a man who was kind, passionate, organized, communicative, and extremely knowledgeable. I'd often turn to Bradley for insights about facets of SEO I was unsure of. Given the industry's nature as fast-paced and ever-changing, having a resource like Bradley was invaluable to my professional growth. Looking back at all I've learned during my time at The Search Agency, I can pinpoint each individual thing Bradley was able to teach me. Bradley also displayed incredible work ethic, juggling and managing huge, time-consuming projects for some very large accounts. I honestly cannot imagine how he was able to do it, and I did not envy the amount of time and effort he put into every aspect of his work life. He would regularly speak proudly about some new organizational system he'd found or developed to keep his countless responsibilities manageable. He played an important role within our team, able to work with a wide range of personalities and help guide us to success. Above all else, Bradley values the quality of his work and what he brings to an organization. It was a pleasure working with Bradley and I will gladly say any company would be fortunate to have him as an asset to their team. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any further questions!"

Robert George Meinke

Senior Search Compliance Manager at Wpromote Inc.
"As a Senior SEO Manager at Wpromote, Bradley consistently demonstrate consummate expertise in all areas of SEO, including site design, internal link architecture, content optimization, and technical implementation."

Allan KIngdom

Senior Manager at The Search Agency
"I recommend Bradley without reservation, he is one of the best SEO managers I have ever met. His technical knowledge is unsurpassed, he genuinely cares about his clients, works extraordinarily hard, is an effective communicator and is genuinely a nice guy. He is flexible and willing to work on any project that is assigned to him & he would be a tremendous asset to any company looking for an SEO manager."

Michael Wayne Terry

Software Development Engineer at Bruce Clay, Inc
"As a senior consultant, Bradley worked hard at visioning for his clients. His top-down view of a project ensured he always had the big picture in mind. On the execution side, he was fanatical about evaluating and upgrading his toolset. If you ever had a question about whether there was a tool for the job, he knew. Bradley was instrumental in facilitating cross-department communication. Organizations often suffer from inadvertent siloed messaging and he was the cure for that. I still miss his influence at all-team meetings."

Tammy Wood

Sr. Technical SEO Analyst at Terakeet
"While working with Bradley at Bruce Clay, Inc I found him to be the 'go to ' guy. He was always curious, always learning and constantly breaking down complex SEO questions with honest and reliable feedback. I would love to work with him again!"

Chris Radich

Director of Marketing at The Search Agency
"Bradley is awesome at SEO and is very technical. He knows what he is doing and works well with clients. Definitely, suggest hiring him!"

Aaron Landerkin

Director, Software Development at Bruce Clay, Inc.
"Bradley is a reliable and talented SEO Analyst. He is great at laying out a long-term strategy for a website and seeing the whole picture of his efforts. He is also good at taking in a variety of ideas and feedback, which would spur new ideas that went into his work."

Marley Groskind

Conversion Rate Optimization Manager at The Search Agency
"Bradley is a very smart, very nice guy with a passion for SEO and his work. He is thoughtful and always tries to see the best in any situation. He is very good at explaining technical aspects of SEO to clients and is a very approachable person with questions. Bradley is a great asset and a hard worker."

Micah Albert

Sr. SEO Analyst at Bruce Clay, Inc.
"Bradley has senior level digital marketing experience and was very helpful as a coworker and mentor."

Johnny Lin

Manager - Web Architecture & Design at Bruce Clay, Inc.
"Bradley has over 14 years of experience in digital marketing working with various industries. He possesses many high-level tactics and strategies in the area of search engine optimization. He's also very knowledgeable and has driven success to countless businesses."

Aryn Kennedy

Director at The Search Agency
"Brad has an insatiable curiosity about SEO and search marketing. He constantly strives to improve his processes and think big-picture about what he can accomplish for clients."

Shiel Love

SEO Manager at The Bouqs Co.
"I used to work with Bradley at Bruce Clay. He has an incredibly analytical mind and a strict eye for details. As I was new to SEO at the time, Bradley was very helpful in showing me the ropes. He was able to answer tough questions regarding site architecture and SEO strategies. It was truly a pleasure working with such a talented individual! Once he gets his teeth into something he doesn't give up until he's exhausted every possible angle - a very valuable skill!"

Naghmeh Jafarzadeh

SEO Architect at The Search Agency
"I have worked with Bradley at Bruce Clay Inc and The Search Agency. 5 years ago when I was pretty new to SEO industry, Bradley was the one who trained me and taught me how to be a perfect SEO. Bradley managed a number of enterprise clients, creating and executing comprehensive digital marketing strategies for businesses. He is good at communicating instructions, a perfect problem solver. He is able to multitask well and very knowledgeable in the industry. He is a very good teacher and a team player."

Brandon Schakola

Senior Director, Earned Media and Strategy at The Search Agency
"As an Account Manager, Bradley ran a number of very large accounts ranging between thousands to millions of pages deep."

Dirk Williams

Manager at The Search Agency
"I have worked with Bradley at both Wpromote and The Search Agency. In both agencies, Bradley managed a number of enterprise clients, creating and executing comprehensive digital marketing strategies for businesses spanning a variety of verticals. He has also been a key component in several business development opportunities, effectively leveraging his relationships and quickly building and maintaining rapport with clients. At The Search Agency, he also provided valuable thought leadership, training, and internal process development. His expertise in the world of SEO has helped to guide the successful strategies of other managers and increase team efficiency. As a leader, Bradley is able to coordinate and motivate his direct reports with creativity and diplomacy. He is highly respected by his peers for both his knowledge and his ability to form a cohesive, effective team. Bradley adds a proactive approach to his work, and will benefit a progressive, ambitious company."

Scott Polk

CEO at, Inc.
"Bradley is a true technical SEO with an ability to use big data to achieve goals. He has always been a tremendous resource of knowledge in regards to SEO. He has helped me on several occasions providing advice and invaluable feedback for technical SEO issues. Bradley is a rare person in the industry in regards to his knowledge and personality. I highly recommend him for any organization serious about search marketing."

David Waterman

Senior Director, Earned Media/SEO at The Search Agency
"At The Search Agency, Bradley demonstrated professionalism, dedication, and persistence. He is a team player that is also able to lead teams, conversations and campaigns. Everyone at The Search Agency enjoyed working with Brad."

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