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Client Testimonials & Top Colleagues References

I have been blessed to work with amazing both clients and colleagues including talented CEOs, Directors, Managers. Review my client testimonials.

Client Testimonials

Dan Perry

SEO Director at Turner Broadcasting

“Bradley’s quality of work, attention to detail and overall knowledge of Search Engine Optimization has provided positive results for a number of Turner properties.”

Kevin Doory

Director of Search and Social

“Bradley’s SEO knowledge & strategy made him an asset to the company’s marketing strategy. On a personal note, working with Bradley early in my career in search engine marketing and optimization helped to shape the SEO I am today. Bradley not only explained the building blocks of an industry & technology, but his insights pushed me to explore all aspects of search.”

Keith Hildebrandt

President | Founder AED Brands | Certified AED Sales Consultant | Defibrillators, AED Programs, CPR Training

“Bradley has an ability to understand our needs and create strategies that best leverage our strengths. He stays on top of industry trends to help us keep ahead of the curve.”

Xenia Jones

President | Founder AED Brands | Certified AED Sales Consultant | Defibrillators, AED Programs, CPR Training

“Bradley is a real SEO guru who understands the business side as well. Very talented, creative and focus on results. I highly recommend him if you want an SEO expert. Superlative work, from concept to final output!”

Additional Client Testimonials

Top Colleagues References

Virginia Nussey

Manager, Operations / Content & Media Manager, Bruce Clay, Inc.

“Bradley is a highly analytical and deep-thinking digital marketer. I worked with him for many years at a digital agency, where I learned from his processes for analyzing websites’ weaknesses and opportunities.

Bradley is a team player who cares about the success of the businesses and people he works with. He stays current on the technology trends of the search engines and marketing industry. Where a lot of SEO can be reactionary, Bradley looks ahead to proactively see marketing opportunities. He isn’t afraid to tackle hard problems, making him a valuable asset in a field where analytical thinkers are in increasing demand.”

Ryan Spiegl

SEO Manager at Lamps Plus | Driving More Traffic to Clients from Natural Search Marketing

“Bradley knows his SEO! He is very detail oriented and always up-to-date on the latest best practices. Strong at helping clients navigate the maze of SEO, he is truly a dedicated SEO analyst. I consider him a capable colleague.”

Nasim Jafarzadeh

SEO Manager, Bruce Clay, Inc.

“Bradley is a highly passionate and dedicated person. He is creative and possesses strong technical SEO skills. His ability to provide SEO strategies for mega websites is exceptional. He has been well trusted within our organization and with our larger clients that require more technical skills to manage their SEO campaign effectively. Moreover, his devotion to help and support other employees makes him a truly outstanding individual.”

John McCarthy

Client Strategist, Bruce Clay, Inc.

“When Bradley joined Bruce Clay in 2003 he was smart young guy breaking his teeth on Search Engine Optimization. Now nearly 10 years later Bradley has emerged as one of the industries best SEO analysts. As enterprise websites today have grown into super complex sets of code, SEO often involves finding that “needle in the haystack”. Once found and addressed the SEO strategies then propel the site higher in the rankings or drive more targeted traffic. In either case, Bradley’s technical analyst skills are what organizations need now for their SEO roadmap.”

Additional Colleagues References